The high-speed train line Vitoria - Bilbao - San Sebastián / French border, commonly called Basque Y, TAV or Basque AVE (and Basque Euskal Y or AHT, Trena Handiko Abiadura acronym referring to the high-speed train line), is the project railway that aims to unite the Basque capitals through a high-speed train line. The three Basque capitals Bilbao, San Sebastian and Vitoria, connecting them to each other in the form of a "Y " shaped train line, this will make it possible to travel from one capital to another in 35 minutes, this high-speed train line also continues to the French border, continuing the high-speed line from Valladolid – Burgos - Vitoria and Madrid.

This project is part of the network of high performance (suitable for freight and passengers) of the Strategic Infrastructure and Transport Ministry of Development for 2005-2020 and the European project Priority 3 of the European Atlantic Axis.

This enormous project, called NRFPV or commonly known as "Y" Basque has several basic projects of path segments, subdivided into sections less than 10 km that develop in the following construction projects:

• Section: Abadiño - Durango; Constructor: Moyua , Barzola and Azvi (mañaria ute)

• Section: Durango - Amorebieta; Constructor: Moyua , Barzola and Azvi (ute Amorebieta)

• Section: Galdakao - Basauri; Constructor: Dragados, Iza works and promotions (ute Zaratamo)

• Section: Tolosa- Hernialde; Constructor: Isolux Corsan

• Section: Lemoa - Galdakao; Constructor: Ortiz buildings and construction projects and Enrique Murias Otaduy (elejalde ute)

• Section: Amorebieta - Lemoa; Constructor: Isolux Corsan

• Section: Bergara - Antzuola; Constructor: Building construction contracts and FCC

Mar-Ber has participated in many of these construction projects, we have supplied and installed the fencing on the sections listed above on behalf of the named constructors.