Simple Torsion Mesh Fencing (MST) with a Polyester Powder-Coated Finish in Green (RAL 6005) or White (RAL 9010), also available in other colours.

This type of fencing is characterized by its rhomboid mesh shape.

It is available in various wire thicknesses and these wires can be finished with different zinc coatings that vary in quality.

This product comes in rolls of 25 metres and is available in different heights and different sizes in regards to its rhomboid mesh shape.

The only difference between this type of fencing and galvanised simple torsion mesh fencing is that its galvanized wires have a zinc coating are supplemented by the means of a plastic finish (PREN 10245/2).

These plastic finishes are normally in green or white, but we can usually provide a full spectrum of colours subject to quantity and price.

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